Archways & Walkways

Archways and Walkways

Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, an Archway will transform your stable block. Our arch ways are available across all three ranges of Stables we have for Sale. The specification of the materials used will follow which ever range of stable blocks you have chosen.


What’s the difference between an Archway and Walkway?…

Arch way’s break the roofline, raising the eaves height to allow the ride through arch. The Archway width is a matter of choice, we suggest 3.0m with a 2.4m opening. If vehicle access for you farrier for example, you may wish to opt for a wider design.

Walkway’s allow access to the inner stable yard at eaves height. The roof continues through the building in line with the stables. Often access is combined with storage of stable equipment and as such 3.0m width is our standard.

Stable Clock Tower
Stable Clock Tower