Albury Specifications with pictures

External Cladding ex16.7x125mm Shiplap

– finished 12x120mm finished size

Pressure Treated

50x75mm CLS Framework

– 38x63mm Finished Size

11mm OSB Kickboard

Stable Block for Sale

9mm Plywood Lined Overhang

1.05m Deep plus Gutter

Reduces Wind damage Risk

Bottom Doors

1.2m Wide

Galvanised ironmongery

Wooden Stable Block

Preformed Door Posts

90mm x 70mm

No screws into Cladding

9mm OSB Roof Lining

Prevents Sagging

Complies with Onduline’s fitting Guidance

Black Genuine Onduline Roof

Front and Rear Gutter

Cover By Onduline’s Guarantee