Attractive and well built, Redmire’s Timber Carports are useful buildings, not only used for cars but for any vehicle such as quad bikes and even tractors. From a single bay to 6 bays (or more), our carports can be build to your bespoke requirement or from our standard range. We only use responsibly sourced FSC timber from managed woodlands,

Three bay carport with fibre cement roof

Talk with us about your requirements. We can increase height of the building they are great for storing your horsebox or trailer, giving protection from the elements therefore protecting your investment.

As standard these buildings are supplied with an Onduvilla roof laid on 18mm OSB3. If you require something a little different we can also supply cedar shingles, felt tiles or left ready for your own contractor to tile, A quality Carport will enhance your property generally having less planning permission restrictions than a Timber garage.

Internally lined with 95g membrane

Base requirements

Our sales office will provide a floor plan to enable your builder to construct a brick plinth to seat the building on to. We recommend semi engineering bricks to help prevent moisture up take. Our installers fix the building to the base through the brick plinth with 200mm concrete anchors. We advise minimal excess concrete around the building to reduce risk of water ingress.

Bespoke Timber Carports

Our carports will also look great alongside our timber stables and can add value to your property.

Every carport is custom built to order, no two are identical. However we do have a range of custom sizes to give you an idea on prices. Below is a bespoke building with Oak posts, curved Gallows and a cedar shingle roof.

Internal Stables
You can even have internal stables inside to make an open barn for your horses!