Delivery and installation Information

Deliveries and Installations                              “What to expect”

These “Deliveries & Installations” pages are referred to as the “What to Expect” letter in our conditions of sale.

Once you have placed an Order You will receive an Order conformation and a Deposit or Full Payment Invoice showing monies paid and any balance payment due on first day of delivery. If you have a pre – agreed payment plan, then this will also be detailed, giving payment dates and amounts due. Should your deposit payment be paid by cheque and subsequently be returned to us by the bank unpaid, we reserve the right to cancel your order. If we receive a replacement payment we may continue with the order and ask that the balance payment be made by bankers draft or bank transfer five (5) days prior to the delivery date. Final balance payments are due by bac’s, cash or cheque payable to Redmire Equestrian Ltd. Should you have purchased a “self erect building” then the final balance is due prior to the vehicle has been unloaded. All buildings / products remain the property of Redmire Equestrian Ltd until full payment has been received.

Delivery dates All delivery dates are given in good faith. When your order is booked on our delivery calendar, we will endeavour to adhere to that date. There are occasions where a delivery date will need to be reallocated. These events are rare but sometimes due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances we do have to move an installation date. We will always endeavour to avoid this and keep to your booked date(s), but on occasions it will happen. You are therefore strongly advised not to book other service contractors, i.e. electricians, plumbers etc. immediately following the expected completion date of your building.

Arrival times Before your delivery date, you will be informed when we estimate our team will arrive on the day. This is only given as an estimation events such as road traffic can have a huge impact on travelling time. If you wish a very early AM delivery, we will endeavour to accommodate this but at no point can we guarantee the arrival time. Our delivery teams May contact you 30 minutes prior to arrival time and will also phone if it should it become obvious they will not meet the given ETA due to traffic or other circumstances. You can telephone our offices from 8.30AM where we can inform you of your delivery vehicle’s exact location.

Groundwork’s & Base Preparation ~ brickwork plans You will receive a brickwork plan for all permanently sited buildings whether they are to be delivered and erected by Redmire or delivery only for self erection by yourselves. These plans will show the layout including location of doors and windows. Please check this carefully, sign and return this to Redmire prior to the delivery of your buildings.

Groundwork’s ~  Concrete Please ensure your concrete base is constructed correctly. Should we arrive to install the building and it is found to be incorrect, we will continue to install the building and any rectification work will have to be undertaken once we have completed the building, and not during its installation. Should the building be supplied with support posts under the overhang, please allow 75mm over site of concrete around the given post location as shown on the brickwork plan. All concrete bases should be laid with the correct falls / slopes for drainage. All concrete / hard surfaces outside of the building should have the correct slopes away from the stables. Concrete that has been laid without the correct slope away from the building will divert water into your buildings whether by natural flow or wind driven. Should your base be fitted incorrectly with level concrete outside the front of the building it will be very expensive to rectify. Please ensure you check this before you pay your groundwork contractor. To check what levels your concrete base is sloping, simply pour water onto the base and watch for direction of flow or puddling of water. We would strongly advise that the concrete be finished at least 5 days before we arrive

Groundwork’s  ~ Brickwork It is your responsibility to ensure the brickwork is laid level and to the correct dimensions. Should it be found on the day of installation that the brickwork is incorrect, we will continue to install the buildings and any rectification work will have to be undertaken after we have completed the building and not during installation. We would strongly advise that any brickwork must be finished at least seven days before we arrive. All buildings are fitted onto one single course of semi engineering bricks unless otherwise stated on your brickwork plan. Should you / your contractor fit in excess of this please ensure you have informed Redmire of any and all measurements. Bricks laid onto a concrete base over different heights will cause issues to door and window heights. It will also lead to issues with doors catching on exterior concrete slopes. Please inform Redmire so we may give advice and take necessary action during the manufacture of your building.

Access to your Property Before your delivery date we require you to send to us at least three photos of the access to your property and proposed building location. At least one photo should show the access from the main road or lane onto your property. At least one photo should show the location of the proposed building from the main entrance. At least one photo should show the actual completed groundwork’s. The completed groundwork’s photos and any other access photos should be emailed to  Please do not send photos of the completed groundwork’s until all of the work you are undertaking is complete to the point where we would be installing the buildings. This includes brickwork.

Access to the Concrete Base. We require vehicle access to the front of the building. Please send photos of the vehicle access to We can complete any building under most circumstances no matter how bad the access, but there may be additional charges. We rarely make any additional charges providing we are informed of the access situation on your property prior to our arrival. Our teams will install buildings providing the distance from the vehicle to the pre-prepared base is of a “reasonable distance” Should you have any concerns with reference to access please call 01403 785508 to discuss any and all issues with our operations department.

Access to the area where you would like your Mobile Field Shelter built. Mobile field shelters are very heavy in construction and we must be able to build these units within a “reasonable distance” from where we can access your property with our vehicles. During the summer months most areas are accessible. During winter / spring we are restricted on access due to ground conditions. Should you require your mobile field shelter constructed further into your property, you must supply either two additional physically fit people to assist or a suitable tractor & trailer to transfer the building onto to obtain access to your preferred location. In most circumstances where we cannot access your preferred location, we will build the mobile field shelter/s just inside your field gateway, and it will be your responsibility to tow the building across your property to your preferred site with either a large 4×4 vehicle or tractor (depending on ground conditions). Should we arrive and you require your mobile field shelter installed through several paddocks, we will ask you to either provide suitable transport to transfer the materials, or a tractor including driver to tow the building to your preferred location once we have constructed it near to the gateway of the first field from the main road / lane. Should you have any doubts or questions please call 01403 785508 to discuss these with our operations department. You can also email  with questions and photos so we may discuss any issues with you

What size delivery vehicle? A large proportion of our fleet of vehicles are 3.5tonne flatbed vans with 4.8m trailers. They are 2.4m wide and 8.2m long. Large builds or combined deliveries will be undertaken using a much large vehicle. Should the ground conditions not allow access across your fields we may require a tractor including driver to be supplied by yourselves. Should you have any queries with reference to access and installation then please call 01403 785508 to speak to our operations dept or email

Health and safety on site Our installation team will advise further at the time of arrival, but here are some guidelines – You must advise Redmire if there are any cables or pipes buried under the concrete base or place of work. No child (under 18yrs old) to be allowed near or in the buildings until our team says they are complete or it is safe to enter. No overhead cables to be sited across the site. Please inform us prior to arrival should there be any cables including telephone lines. Should Redmire be adding to existing buildings, please ensure all exterior lighting / cables are removed from any place where additional works are to be undertaken. Inform the installations team of any drainage covers (manhole covers) near or around the proposed building location. Please advise Redmire in advance of your delivery date should the proposed building be with 3 meters of any glasshouse or conservatory. Our team will need to discuss with you any nearby hazards that are present.

Damages to ground whilst undertaking installation Whilst we will attempt to keep any damage to the ground to a minimum, some will occur and is unavoidable during the access to your buildings location particularly in the wetter months. Redmire cannot be held responsible for any damage to ground / ground works during the course of the installation of the buildings

How does the weather affect your delivery? Our installations team are very used to working in the British weather. The weather though can affect ground conditions and have adverse affects on the time it takes to access your property should there not be a hard surfaced roadway to the pre-prepared concrete base. Whilst our installation teams will continue with the construction of your buildings in most weathers, it does cause delays. All delays will have an impact on your end completion time / date.

Telephone numbers ~ emails Please ensure we have all your contact details and email address. We should have asked for these during your initial contact with Redmire or when you placed your order, but if there are any other contact details you think we may need then, either call our operations department on 01403 785508 or email

Guttering Mobile field shelters are supplied with front guttering and downpipes at one or both ends (dependant on spec) of the building. Stables and other buildings are provided with guttering including downpipes, which are placed at standard positions around the building. Should you wish downpipes to be placed in specific locations due to a drainage system you have installed, please mark these locations on your brickwork plan before you return it. Failure to do so may mean the Installation Team do not have the correct fittings to place the downpipes in the positions you wish. All guttering will terminate with a straight finish guttering outlet approximately 175mm from ground level.

Electricity Please inform us if there is a 13amp electricity supply within 50m of the buildings location. We have generators but a mains electricity supply is preferred.