Internal Stables

Internal stables/stall’s are very popular and becoming even more so due to the Governments new attitude toward farming diversification. Planning permission for the conversion of an existing barn is becoming easier to obtain so many equestrian clients are looking to internal stable panels.

Internal Stables for Sale

Steel Internal Stables (Internal Stall’s)

Galvanised Metal Internal panels have a very long life expectancy and with many variations available, they can be tailored to meet any of your requirements. We offer two types of planking our metal internal panels. 32mm recycled plastic Tongue and Groove. 32mm softwood (pine/larch) treated.


Sliding doors are very common but conventional swing doors serve the same purpose. Additional extras include various types of hayrack and swivel feeders which enable feeding to be carried out without entering the stable. Front sections are supplied with metal bars shown, but middle and end walls can also be fitted with metal bars should you require. Timber infill panels that complete the lower part of these designs can also be supplied to reach to full height.

Installation – Internal Stables

Redmire offer an installation service for our Internal Stable Panels if required please ask for a quotation.


Does the floor in my barn need to be level to fit internal panels?

We are able to accommodate gently sloping floors and un even walls.

Do I need Planning permission for Internal Stables?

We advise you to clarify with you council, whilst you are not changing the appearance of the building you may be changing the use. Our experience is planning is not usually required unless you are starting a livery business.

What size stable do I need.

All horses are individual, BHA recommendations which are:
Large horses 3.60m x 4.20m (12ft x 14ft) 
Horses 3.60m x 3.60m (12ft x 12ft) 
Large ponies 3.00m x 3.60m (10ft x 12ft)
Ponies: 3.00m x 3.00m (10ft x 10ft) 
Foaling box (horse): 4.20m x 4.20m (14ft x 14ft)