Summer houses, Pool Houses, Home Offices

Rather than offer a fixed range of Traditional Summer Houses, Timber Pool houses or Home Office/Work Units, we prefer to make each building to the exact requirements of each client. This results in a building which will exactly meet your needs with each window and door where it is best suited for your site. If you’ve got an idea for a building then give us a ring, e-mail or call in and we can discuss your project with you.

Pool Houses

Pool Summer HousePool Summer House

If you’ve got a swimming pool or thinking of installing one, then why not build a Pool house at the same time. We can build you a Pool house to your exact requirements and once installed you need have no more wet feet inside the house.

Pool Room Home Garden Building

Working from a Wooden Home Office…

We all know how difficult it can be to concentrate with all the distractions of modern day living. If you need a place where you can find some peace and quiet to work but don’t want to take up a room in your house, why not consider one of our Wooden Home Offices? We can make you a building to whatever size and specification you want, and can provide you with a building fully insulated for you to start working from as soon as we leave. If you’re thinking of a Home Office, give our team a ring and they can discuss options with you.

Home Work Unit

Home Gargen Office

Summer Houses

Summer house