Tack Room’s and Hay Barn’s

Tack Room’s and Hay Barn’s can be incorporated into any of the three ranges of Stable blocks we have for sale. The material specification will follow that of the range of Stables you have chosen. Internal Lining and door specification however differs.

Tack Rooms

Tack rooms

Hunter Range

9mm Full Plywood Lining

900mm Ply backed door

Adjacent trusses blocked

Haven Range

11mm OSB Full Lining

900mm Ledge & Braced door

Adjacent trusses blocked

Albury Range


900mm Ledge & Braced door

Adjacent trusses blocked

Hay barns

Lined to 1.22m 12mm Plywood

Adjacent trusses lined


Adjacent trusses lined


Adjacent trusses not lined


Whilst we list standard sizes on our price lists there is no constraint on size. Larger blocks might benefit from multiple smaller tack rooms, our most popular sizes are 1.8m & 2.4m wide. With regards to Hay Barn sizes below gives an approximate capacity bearing in mind you may want some area to work.

Hay Capacity (approximate)

3.6m x 3.6m 120 bales,

4.5m x 3.6m 150 bales,

6.0m x 3.6m 200 bales,

7.2m x 3.6m 240 bales,

9.0m x 3.6m 300 bales,

12.0m x 3.6m 400 bales.

Hay Barn

Free Standing Tack Room’s & Hay barns

Freestanding hay barns come complete with a 1.2m overhang and a single opening on the front face as standard. Opening apertures are normally 2.4m in width to accommodate either barn doors or metal gates to enclose the hay, and to keep hungry horses out. However, apertures can be different sizes such as 1.8m, 2.1m or even 2.7m wide.

Hay barns can be manufactured with up to a 6.0m depth in a clear span design. Deeper designs require support posts thereafter. Building lengths are to your requirements. While there are choices for roof finishes on larger barns, we will always keep you advised of potential ridge heights (which vary with pitch and roof finish). Sliding doors are an optional extra should you require a larger aperture to be secured.