Rubber Matting

Rubber Matting

Redmire are pleased to offer 18mm Equestrian Rubber mats for Sale.

Rubber Horse Mats

There are many advantages for getting rubber matting for your stable here are just a few:

  • Non-slip protection, rubber matting produces a similar grip to more natural surfaces.
  • Insulation from concrete flooring
  • Cushioning of the horse’s joints
  • Massive reduction of dust in the stable atmosphere, especially if they are used without additional bedding.
  • Odour: horse rubber mats which drain properly greatly reduce the ammonia vapour in the stable environment, compared to other bedding such as straw and wood-shavings which trap the urine. It is however necessary to clean out underneath the mats occasionally due to some urine gathering underneath the mats.
  • Rubber matting provides a much drier environment for the horse’s hooves. Other forms of bedding may look dry, but even when they are frequently cleaned out they often conceal a high level of moisture.
  • A solution to the problem of horses eating their bedding.
  • reduction in labour and time
  • Hygienic- They can be easily power-hosed and disinfected.
  • Cost: horse rubber mats require an initial investment, but they pay themselves back with the money saved on buying other forms of bedding.
  • The size of your muck-heap will also be significantly reduced.
  • Can also be used in field shelters to reduce wear and tear on the ground

rubber matting

Equestrian Field Mats

These are great for gate ways or in front of field shelters to prevent the ground from poaching.

  • Field/Gateway mats are as simple as the name would suggest.
  • Well suited to being put down in high traffic areas, most commonly gateways.
  • 22mm thick, gateway mats lift you above the mud, providing good support.
  • Give the grass a chance to grow back reviving the whole area.

Rubber Mat

Please ask for details and current pricing.