Albury Range Stables

Albury Range Wooden Stables

Redmire’s Albury Range of Wooden Stables for sale keep the essential elements required in a wooden stable block. The Albury Range Stable Block boosts a 2.2m eaves height, 2.1m door opening height as well as our 1.2m wide stable doors.

Wooden Stable Block
L Shape Stable Block

Despite being our basic range, these stable blocks still represent one of the better specifications of stables for sale on the market. Strong and Durable

Key Benefits:

  • Pressure treated throughout for extended life.
  • ex75x50mm cls Framework.
  • ex16.7x125mm Shiplap Cladding.
  • 11mm OSB kickboards to 1.22m.
  • 1.05m Overhang lined with 9mm hardwood faced ply.
  • Black Onduline roofing lined with 11mm OSB.
Timber Stables for Sale
Internal Kick boards

Enhancing your building

We have many options functional and for looks. Popular extra’s added to the Albury Range are:

  • Clear roof sheets
  • Front gutter
  • Vented windows
  • Doorway chew strips

As with all our Wooden Stable Block’s, Tack Rooms, Wash stalls, Haybarns, Archways & more… are also available.

Can you deliver anywhere in the UK?

Yes, We delivery all over the British Isles, it’s Islands but can also deliver worldwide.

How long will it be before my Stable Block is delivered?

Delivery time will vary from season to season, we offer self installation if you require your Stable sooner but generally 3-4 weeks from order. Always ask as we often have stock or deliver in a shorter period.

How much will installation cost?

Installation is included at no extra cost.

Do I need to lay a foundation brick

Laying a single row of semi engineering bricks is the ideal. we can offer a galvanised steel frame or dense plastic plinth instead.

Do you need electric on site to install my stables.

It is helpful but not essential, we work with batteries

Wooden Stable Block
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