Re-roofing and repairs

Stable Roof Replacement

Onduline Replacement Roof

If you Onduline roof is sagging and you need replacement roof on your stables, Redmire provide a re roofing service for existing Stables, Shelters or other building of any brand or manufacturer.

We supply will supply and install your new stable roof quickly and efficiently working around you building contents (except horses)

Why Choose Redmire?

Unless otherwise requested we under line our roof’s with sterling board preventing future the new stable roof sagging which is the main cause of failure. Only Genuine Onduline products are used, fitted to the manufacturers specification maintaining product warranties.

Your old roof will be removed from site by ourselves and recycled by Black Pole Recycling.

Replacement Onduline Roofing

Other roofing brands and systems also available.

Other Repair Services

Made to measure or standard, we supply Stable doors, Windows and talk grills please enquire for details.