Show Ground Buildings and Judges Boxes

Visitor Attractions & Showground Buildings

Redmire supply a range of buildings from ticket booths for show grounds to catering huts for visitor attractions as well as our renowned Judging Boxes. In most cases they are supplied as moveable structures, delivered ready built.

Catering Huts

Catering huts can be made in any size with counter height set yo you requirements. The Hut below has been built at 2.1m deep x 4.2m wide with a counter at 1.35m, the floor internally is 200mm higher than the external leaving the internal counter height of 1.15m.

Huts can be mounted on metal forklift frames or positioned as semi permanent structures.

Ticket Huts

Judges Boxes

Our Judges Boxes are delivered complete, Full Perspex front 0.8m x 2.0m and 0.8m x 0.6m side windows give full view of the arena for 2 Judges. 

Judges Box

The boxes are movable by forklift/pallet tines supplied on either Wooden or Metal frame if more regular movement is required.

Standard dimensions are 1.8m deep x 2.1m long, 2.0m high at the eaves.

Access is gained through a 800mm wide door to rear.

Ticket Boxes

Similar to our Judges boxes, standard sized boxes are 1.5m x 2.4m leaving ample space for the operative and storage. Access is trough an end door 0.8m wide with a lift up front hatch providing interaction with customers. Our Ticket huts can be mounted on a forklift frame for easy movement

Ticket Booths can be made any size, please enquire

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