Repairs and Stable re roofing

Redmire Stables & Buildings Ltd can now offer a new service of repair and re roofing!

Should your old stables have seen better days or you are planning a redesign of your yard, then ask Redmire Stables for a quote. Our most popular service is re roofing, We can remove and dispose of the existing roof covering, inspect and replace purlins and trusses, and replace roof covering with added support of supportive lining.

From a couple of photos and a brief desription we will agree a set price to replace the covering,

Other services include re staining, rehanging of doors, general inspections.


  • All buildings must be fully clear and accessible
  • All electrical wiring and lights must be isolated
  • We must be notified of plumbing located within the roof structure
  • There must be free and uninterrupted access for a lorry to the front or end of the building

Should you be just starting to think about replacing your stables or timber buildings and are interested in this service, please feel free to email with a few words and pictures of your stables, and we will give you an indication of the possibilities.