'S' Type Combination Units

‘S’ Type Combination Unit

Timber sizes nominal before planning and processing, other dimensions may vary dependant on individual


Unit Size

Shelter Size

Store Size







(at front)

(at rear)

(Ex VAT)

4.2 x 2.4m

3.0 x 2.4m

1.2 x 2.4m




4.2 x 1.8m

3.0 x 1.8m

1.2 x 1.8m






General Specifications:


Front roof Height:              2050mm excluding skid

Rear roof Height:               1750mm excluding skid

Overhang:                         Nil

Skid:                                80x40mm galvanised skid with

                                                  galvanised towing points

Framework:                      Constructed from 75x50mm cls

                                                          tanalith E treated timber at 600mm centres.    

                                                 Studwork doubles at door apertures. 

Cladding:                          Premium ex19mm tanalith E treated

                                                           overlap shiplap 

Purlins:                             100x50mm positioned at a maximum of

600mm centres

Roofing:                           Black Onduline with Onduline ridge capping

lined with 11mm OSB

Guttering:                         Nil


Shelter Section:


Opening Size:                     1.2m (w) with metal gate

(central to shelter section)

Kickboarding:                     Lined to 1.22m with 11mm OSB



Store Section:


Opening Size:                     810mm includes tack door

Roof:                                Boarded with 11mm OSB underneath


Floor:                                100x50mm bearers at max 600mm

centres 18mm flooring

Walls:                                Unlined internally, except diving wall

                                                   which is lined to roofline