Hunter Specification

Mobile Field Shelter - Hunter

Timber sizes nominal before planning and processing, other dimensions may vary dependant on individual



Ridge Height:            3.01m excluding Onduline

Eaves Height:            2.46m excluding Onduline

Threshold Height:      138mm

Opening Size:

1.88m (w) x 2.09m (h) – from ground to top of opening is 2.228m


With 1.2m overhang lined with plywood (1.35 with Gutter)


100 x 100mm galvanised skid with towing points at either end


Constructed from 100x50mm cls Tanalith E treated timber at

600mm centres.  Studwork doubles at door apertures.

Additional 100x50mm cls cross members at 1.22m height. 


Premium ex19x125mm tanalith E treated overlap shiplap,

fixed with 45mm sheradized ring shanked nails


Lined to 1.22m with 12mm plywood

Roof trusses:          

All trusses fixed to sections with 100mm or 150mm

timberlock screws


100x50mm or 125x50mm positioned at a maximum of 600mm

centres dependant on roof span


Black Onduline with Onduline ridge capping lined with 11mm OSB


112mm black upvc guttering fitted with 68mm downpipes to

each end of front elevation


Mobile Combination units

(as field shelter with the following differences for the tack room section)

          Opening:                Tack room door width 0.90m wide x 2.1m high

          Interior Lining:       All walls are fully lined to eaves with 9mm

                                       hardwood faced ply

Door:                     Supplied and fitted with three 600mm T hinges,

                             150mm Brenton bolt and cabin hook to secure

                             door when open

Floor:                     100x50mm tanalith E treated joists covered

                             with 125x22mm sawn Tanalith E treated

                              floorboards or 18mm OSB

Roof lining:             Face of truss between stable and tack room also

                              boarded with hardwood faced ply


Mobile Tack room

(as mobile field shelter with the following differences)

          Interior Lining:         All walls are fully lined to eaves height with

                                        9mm hardwood faced ply

Door:                      Supplied and fitted with three 24” T hinges,

                              6” Brenton bolt and cabin hook to secure door

                              when open. 

Floor:                     100x50mm Tanalith E treated joists covered

                              with 125 x 22mm sawn Tanalith E treated

                              floorboards or 18mm OSB

           Roof lining:             11mm OSB