Harrier Specification

Mobile Field Shelter - Harrier


Timber sizes nominal before planning and processing, other dimensions may vary dependant on

                 individual building.

Ridge Height:       3.0m

Eaves Height:       2.4m

Threshold Height: 80mm

Opening Size:       1.880mm (w) x 2.090m (h) – from ground to top of

                           opening is 2.170m

Overhang:            1050mm overhang lined with plywood

                           (1200 mm inc gutter)

Skid:                    80x40mm galvanised skid with towing points at either


Framework:           Constructed from 75x50mm cls tanalith E treated timber

                            at 600mm centres.  Studwork doubles at door

                            apertues, additional cross members at 1.22m


Cladding:               Premium ex19x125mm tanalith E treated overlap

                            shiplap, fixed with 45mm sheradized ring shanked nails.

Kick-boarding:       Lined to 1.22m with 18mm OSB

Roof trusses:         All trusses fixed to sections with 100mm or 150mm

                            timber lock screws

Purlins:                 100x50mm or 125x50mm positioned at a maximum of

                            600mm centres dependant on roof span

Roofing:                Black Onduline with Onduline ridge capping lined with

                            11mm OSB

Guttering:             112mm black uPVC guttering fitted with 68mm

                            downpipes to both ends of front elevation


Mobile Combination units

(As field shelter with the following differences for the Tack room section)

          Opening:               Tackroom door width 0.90m wide x 2.1m high

          Interior Lining:       Unlined

Door:                   Supplied and fitted with three 16” T hinges,

                           6” Brenton bolt and cabin hook to secure door when


Floor:                   100x50mm tanalith E treated joists at a maximum

                           600mm centres.  Covered with 125x22mm sawn

                           tanalith E treated floorboards or 18mm OSB

Roof lining:           Face of truss between stable and tack room

                           also boarded with 11mm OSB


Mobile Tack room

(As mobile field shelter with the following differences)

          Interior Lining:      All walls are fully lined to eaves height with 11mm OSB.

Door:                  Supplied and fitted with three 16” T hinges,

                          6” Brenton bolt and cabin hook to secure door when


Floor:                  100x50mm tanalith E treated joists at a maximum

                           600mm centres

                           Covered with 150 x 28mm sawn Tanalith E treated


Roof lining:          11mm OSB