Mobile Tack Rooms

Mobile Tack Rooms are available in all the ranges.

Mobile Tack Room 

The specification of each Mobile Tack Room follows the range it is from i.e. the Hunter Mobile Tack Room has the same build specifications as the Hunter Mobile Field Shelter and so on.

All ranges  - Supplied with a 0.9m wide x 2.0m high door with three 16inch hinges and a 6inch brenton bolt. A cabin hook is also fitted to secure the door when open. Security bolts used in fittings.

All ranges - Roof boarded with 11mm OSB prior to cladding with Onduline

All ranges - Fully lined inside to eaves height with relevant cladding

All ranges have floor fitted as standard using 100x47mm Tanalith E treated timber joists at 400mm max. centres boarded with 150 x 28mm sawn Tanalith E treated timber floorboards. 

Mobile Tack Room