Hunter Timber Garages


                                 Different Designs
This building has a 2.3m eaves height and 200mm soffitts on both gable ends and side elevations. Cedar shingle roof finish and upgraded garage doors in the end elevation gave this client exactly what they required.


                        Any designs can be built by Redmire
This garage is 6.0m square with an automated garage door fitted. The building was also stained black to match surrounding buildings.


                                           Bespoke Garages
This building required the client to have covered access from his garage to his house. To assist this, it was designed with a 900mm overhang to the right of the building only, to shelter the client from the elements when leaving the building.


                                          Tailor any design

This garage had upgraded garage doors, grey felt tiles and a 900mm overhang to the front. Behind the garage doors is a fully insulated workshop including additional loft storage. The windows are double glazed and additional security measures were built into the building at the request of the client.

                               Storage or Garage?
This large storage building would be equally suited for use as a double garage.
Large Store / Garage