Bespoke Buildings Gallery

Bespoke Building This is the rear view of a double garage. The overhang to one side is to allow access from the rear of the client's property without being exposed to the elements.
This open fronted garage was required to have no support posts to allow better access. An overhang to the front affords some weather protection.
This showroom and office was provided for a local company.
Blackpool Zoo commissioned this unusual building to house their collection of giant tortoises. The building specification included provision for double glazed units and insulated roof and walls to keep the occupants warm.
 Many buildings incorporate designs determined by our customers. If it's possible then we'll build it for you.
Pool House  This Pool House contains a changing room on one side and the pump room on the other, leaving the main room to be decorated by the client. The middle room was timber lined and insulated along with the rest of the building. French doors and a vaulted ceiling made an impressive room to relax in next to the pool.