Barn and Garage Doors (Softwood)

Barn Doors.

Our standard barn doors range from 1.8m to 2.4m wide and are 2.10m high, although we can make doors to any size required.
They are constructed from pressure treated softwood and are used as standard fittings on our hay barns and garages within the Haven and Hunter ranges.

 Barn Doors  Bolts top and bottom

Barn doors on a double haybarn within a Hunter stable block with garage on end (top).

 Bespoke design  Smaller barn doors

Bespoke barn doors in an American Barn (above left) and small 1.5m barn style doors in a workshop (above right).

 Top Bolt  Bottom Bolt

Closing doors fitted with spring bolt to top (above left) and drop bolt to bottom (above right).

 Closure Bolt  Cabin hooks

Standard fitting to outside is a brenton bolt (above left) which allows doors to be padlocked (padlock not supplied) and cabin hooks (above right) to both doors.